macos – Transfer stored iOS Backups in MacBook to exterior disk

When the usage of MacOS to backup an iPhone, it permits additionally to retailer the backup record in the community within the filesystem, as an alternative choice to storing in iCloud.

I’d love to invite whether or not:

  1. Is it conceivable to transport the backup filesWhere they’re saved in native disk? Is it precisely 1 record in line with backup, it doesn’t matter what, or perhaps a backup procedure can generate more than one information, even in different places? What in regards to the case of an encrypted backup? The place is the important thing?
  2. In case I wish to repair iPhone to a particular moved record, how can I do it with out breaking issues?
  3. Does the metadata (in filesystem phrases) of the backup record related, or is it secure to transport the record to exterior disk with out a possibility of a few information loss or identification loss? (For instance, perhaps Apple makes use of some timestamps or selection information streams of the record as a way to do the restoring procedure)
  4. Does apple retailer some knowledge or metadata about the ones information, eg in some SQlite record? For instance, perhaps they retailer knowledge just like the backedup OS model, encryption key, apple identity, tool kind (ios or ipad), tool chip, and so on

In newest MacOs, clicking Settings -> Privateness & Safety -> iOS Information (i), we will be able to see the ones information as smartly, when the iOS tool is disconnected.

I noticed this slightly-related query Transfer iPhone Backup Folder to exterior exhausting force, and later again to my pc? however then, I will’t make sure about:

  1. Is it equivalent in each M1/M2 and Intels?
  2. Is it true additionally for iPad backups?
  3. Is it thought to be hackish? As the solution refers to it merely as “works”, however perhaps it’s no longer secure? Is it documented someplace oficially/professionally?
  4. What if I wish to stay the backup in different folder, no longer to go back it to the unique supply? Is it nonetheless conceivable to revive a backup this manner?
  5. What is that this random string within the backup identify in filesystem?
  6. How can I “decompress “ this backup to peer it’s date, in case there’s no different metadata (eg because of transferring to other filesystem kind)? Possibly is it conceivable to check two backups to temporarily know which one is more recent?

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