Uze 100W GaN Battery charger evaluation: A great deal of power in a little body

Uze 100W GaN Battery Charger

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Recently, battery chargers have actually ended up being more effective by outputting more power in a smaller sized and lighter type element. The Uze 100W GaN Battery charger suits this pattern by providing high power in a compact style.

In a standard format, a 100W GaN Battery charger can charge several gadgets simultaneously. It does so at high speeds while still fitting into the palm of your hand.

The Uze 100W GaN Battery charger definitely fits this costs, total with assistance for several gadgets and quick and effective charging. If you remain in the marketplace, this might deserve taking a look at.

Uze 100W GaN Battery charger style

(* )The Uze 100W GaN Battery charger is created like almost any other charging brick, with it having the business’s name on the side, the outlet prongs situated in the front, and the charging ports stationed on the back.

Uze 100W GaN Battery charger outlet prongs

UZE 100W GaN Charger outlet prongs

There are 4 ports to charge from– 3 USB-C ports and one USB-A port. You can charge up to 4 gadgets simultaneously. (* )Each port is identified, which comes in handy if you would like to know limit power each port can output because that info is detailed on the bottom of the charging brick.

PPS( Programmable Power Supply) is constructed into the 100W GaN Battery charger, which permits the charging brick to manage the output voltage and present qualities for each port. This permits it to be suitable with a variety of clever gadgets.

Uze 100W GaN Battery charger charging abilities

(* )The Uze 100W GaN Battery charger has quickly charging abilities, however not all ports charge at the exact same speeds or wattage.

The leading 2 USB-C ports can output the most power at approximately 100W each, however the USB-C3 port can just output approximately 22.5 W of power. The USB-A port can likewise output 22.5 W of power, however does feature fast charge 3.0.

Uze 100W GaN Battery charger charging ports

Several gadgets work with the 100W GaN Battery Charger, so you do not require to stress over if it can produce adequate power to charge all of your gadgets. It can charge laptop computers, tablets, smart devices, electronic cameras, video gaming gadgets, action electronic cameras, and USB rechargeable gadgets too.

The Uze 100W GaN Battery charger can output an overall of 100W max.

UZE 100W GaN Charger charging ports

Huge power in a little style

The Uze 100W GaN Battery charger is a terrific portable charging brick to take around with you if you require to charge several gadgets at high speed.

The minimalistic and standard style fits with the compact body that houses all of the charging output power it holds. All the info you require is on the bottom of the charging brick, there if you ever require it.

Uze 100W GaN Battery Charger

Bring Up to 100W of power from the USB-C ports is a good touch, and having the ability to get a fast charge from the USB-A port is extremely convent also.

The disadvantage is that, although it appears like they can be switched out, the outlet prongs are stationed and can not be changed out to fit other outlet styles. This is a little defect, and we have actually seen other charging bricks that provide this ability.

UZE 100W GaN Charger

Another issue location is the high cost that accompanies this 100W GaN Battery Charger. The charging brick is almost $100, which might be too expensive for the majority of people in spite of providing a good and fast charging session for your gadgets.

If you are trying to find an excellent charging brick that is light-weight, portable, and provides a great deal of power output, then the Uze 100W GaN Battery charger might deserve having a look at. It will satisfy your charging requirements and will continue to be all set whenever your gadgets require to be charged.

Uze 100W GaN Battery charger pros


Compact style


  • .
  • Several ports(* ) .

  • Charge several gadgets simultaneously
  • .

  • Quick charging speeds
  • Uze 100W GaN Battery charger cons

  • .

  • Can not alter outlet prongs


High cost

  • Ranking: 3.5 out of 5
  • (* )Where to purchase the Uze 100W GaN Battery Charger

  • You can acquire the Uze 100W GaN Battery Charger from their

site for $99.99

, however it is presently on sale for $89. It is offered in black and white.

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