President Demanded Canceling Drag Program

Walter Wendler, the president of West Texas A&M University, was taken legal action against Friday for canceling a drag program on school.

He was taken legal action against by Spectrum WT and 2 of its trainee leaders. They were represented by the Structure for Person Rights and Expression.

“& ldquo; College presidents can’& rsquo; t silence trainees merely due to the fact that they disagree with their expression,” & rdquo; stated a FIRE legal representative, Adam Steinbaugh. “& ldquo; The First Modification secures trainee speech, whether it’& rsquo; s collecting on school to study the Bible, hosting an acid-tongued political speaker, or placing on a charity drag program.”& rdquo;

Wendler has actually stated that drag programs are “& ldquo; derisive, dissentious and demoralizing misogyny.”& rdquo;

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