The Nitty-gritty: Cane-Wrapped Hardware from Sibella Court

We’re long time fans of the Australian designer Sibella Court, “captain,” as she explains herself, of the “hardware merchants and house items” line The Society Inc. Recently we have actually been considering Sibella’s brand-new collection of practical hardware done over in woven leather and walking cane, offered for pre-order now. Take a look.

the cutter pull ($80) is “a nod to the age old craft of leather br 9
Above: The Cutter Pull ($ 80) is “a nod to the age old craft of leather braiding,” Sibella composes on The Society Inc. website. “As a drawer pull, the appeal of the leather covered Cutter Pull is that the oils of your skin will age it in the loveliest method with time.”
like all of the items in the collection, the more svelte vienna drawer pull ($ 10
Above: Like all of the products in the collection, the more svelte Vienna Drawer Pull ($ 55) is created in Australia and made in India. “A number of years earlier, when residing in TriBeCa New York City, I went to an exhibit on Duane Street of mid-century Viennese designer Carl Auböck,” composes Sibella. “His love of walking cane, wood, leather, and brass are of limitless motivation, a tribute to his lots of styles that were launched in 1954.”

and the 1954 drawer pull ($65), also inspired by auböck. 11
Above: And the 1954 Drawer Pull ($ 65), likewise motivated by Auböck.

also on offer are the workshop bracket (left; $70) and the wyeth bracket (righ 12
Above: Likewise available are the Workshop Bracket (left; $70) and the Wyeth Bracket (right; $70). Of the Wyeth, Sibella composes on the Society Inc. website: “This rack bracket is called after among my preferred stores in New York City in addition to a street on a well-trodden course of mine in Brooklyn.”

we particularly like the three piece stoker fire tool set ($250): &#822 13
Above: We especially like the three-piece Stoker Fire Tool Set ($ 250): “For those who take pleasure in a winter season’s fire as much as I do, the tools need to be the last information to set the ideal scene. No information is too little to go undetected, and whether you are taking pleasure in the heat in the convenience of a leather moustache chair or just setting down on a log campfire-side, this walking cane covered set will be among life’s little thrills.”

For more on Sibella, see our previous post: A Brand-new Hardware Collection from Sibella Court

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