Water start-up indications deal to begin manufacture of “advanced” reverse osmosis method

Salinity Solutions

Engineering innovation start-up Salinity Solutions has actually signed a contract with a prominent water procedure options maker, Te-Tech Process Solutions to begin production of bespoke water treatment systems including its “advanced” water filtration innovation. Te-Tech will produce and market Salinity Solutions’ trademarked, batch reverse osmosis innovation, which is stated to provide substantial benefits over standard reverse osmosis innovation. The company states it might possibly benefit more than 20 sectors around the world, varying from local wastewater treatment to high-value mineral extraction, health care, food processing and hazardous waste, to farming and rural drinking water.

Water treatment takes in 4% of the world’s overall electrical power production and standard reverse osmosis * systems are generally energy extensive. Nevertheless, Salinity Solutions has actually established a more sustainable, low energy and eco-friendly technique that minimizes both carbon footprint and operating expense to make drinking water more budget-friendly and available. Its game-changing, batch reverse osmosis innovation, utilizes 50% less energy, cleanses as much as 98% of the water and produces 80% less waste than standard approaches, while it is likewise compact and quickly portable. Salinity Solutions’ SAM50 is the very first batch RO item on the planet to be made commercially.

Tim Naughton (27 ), co-founder of Salinity Solutions, stated: “Signing this arrangement with Te-Tech is a turning point for us on our course to commercialisation. After over 10 years of research study and advancement of our pioneering, low-carbon innovation, we’re thrilled to now have the ability to begin taking orders and producing systems for our clients’ requirements.”

Te-Tech COO, Ashton Dewey, stated: “We at Te-Tech are constantly aiming to broaden our portfolio of advanced innovations and this arrangement is a considerable, amazing, favorable turning point as we present a brand-new and ingenious item to our clients.”

Salinity Solutions’ game-changing innovation was co-developed by Tim Naughton (age 27), while studying mechanical engineering at Aston University and later on at the University of Birmingham, working together with Teacher Philip Davies, Head of Water Innovation Research Study.

Tim co-founded Salinity Solutions in 2021 to commercialise a more sustainable, energy-efficient option for water treatment, in a world where 80% of wastewater is launched without treatment. His enthusiasm for water treatment is established in a really genuine issue: just 0.5% of the earth’s water remains in the kind of readily available fresh water, the kind we require to make it through and the need for freshwater is on the boost while the world’s supply is progressively reducing. 40% of the world’s population reside in water worried locations.

Salinity Solutions’ CEO, Richard Bruges stated: “We are thrilled to be dealing with Te-Tech as we scale up production to fulfill the needs of clients throughout a wide variety of local and commercial water treatment applications consisting of water re-use, ultrapure water production, mineral extraction, salt water minimisation and effluent treatment. Te-Tech’s credibility and knowledge in the local and commercial wastewater markets will supply us with the assistance and resources to grow our production and circulation and to quickly speed up the development of business that we began simply 2 years earlier.”

Given that it was established, Salinity Solutions has actually raised over ₤ 1.5 m from personal sources and 2 rounds of financing on Crowdcube, where it smashed its target for fundraising. The University of Birmingham is a financier and investor, and the 2 celebrations continue to work carefully together. One patent has actually currently been approved and 4 more remain in the pipeline. The business has actually held effective field trials with eco-mining business, Cornish Lithium and upcoming consumer field trials consist of local water, food processing and seawater desalination.


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