macos – How to make my 124-key keyboard work under OSX as it performs in Windows

I’m a long-lasting Windows user just recently invited into the Apple universe through work.
My typing muscle memory is basically baked in.
Things like control-delete, control-insert, numberpad get in and, naturally, the “ideal click/open submenu” secret are things i utilize all the time unthinkingly.
And the navigation secrets like home/end and page up/page down, in addition to their chord extensions.
OSX is quite configurable and karabiner is remarkably effective.
I can’t think this isn’t something that somebody smarter and more inspired than me has actually done in the past.
Does anybody have an OSX/karabiner config that I could utilize?

ETA: i have actually been coddled for a while because I utilize a windows emulator for which the secrets all work fine. (Other than, unusually, numberpad get in.) now, however, i have actually begun coding in VS for Mac and it’s actually rather annoying.

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