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Nomadic Matt staring out over the arid landscape of Madagascar
Published: 3/27/2023|March 27th, 2023

I’m bad at taking images. That’s not to state the images I take are bad (though there’s dispute on that too!). Rather, I constantly forget to take images for this blog site whenever I’m taking a trip.

I have actually improved recently (thanks to the group here continuously advising me). However that indicates I take a great deal of images– images of me for my social networks, photos of landscapes and monoliths for the site, menus so I can upgrade costs on the blog site, and whatever in between.

After over 15 years taking a trip the world, I have thousands and countless images on my hard disk.


I really went through all my images in 2022. It took 2 MONTHS of arranging and organizing them into folders, separating them by date and location, and getting rid of duplicates and those I didn’t wish to keep.

It was an inconvenience. However it didn’t need to be.

Get In Mylio Photos

Mylio is an app that makes it simple to conserve, shop, modify, arrange, and safeguard all your travel images– along with essential files, like passport scans and visa applications. It’s quite brand-new and I want I had actually discovered it quicker due to the fact that it would have conserved a great deal of time. However, ideally, it can do that for you!

Mylio is developed to streamline your life as a tourist, so you do not need to lose time publishing images and moving them from gadget to gadget.

If you resemble me and have lots of images– ones you wish to protect and arranged– here’s how Mylio can assist guarantee you do not lose those travel memories.

What is Mylio?

Mylio is an app that turns your computer system, phone, tablet, and/or storage gadget into a hassle-free and effective system for handling a life time of memories.

With it, all your images and videos– from any source– are cataloged into a single library that’s available on all your gadgets.

Did you take images in Paris on your iPhone however videos on your tablet? With Mylio, they will sync instantly to your laptop computer, so you do not need to move them. Every image is offered on every gadget. All the time.

Many tourists (including me, till just recently) do not have a system in location for arranging their images or keeping them safe from gadget failure, theft, or loss. We simply share some on social networks and after that dispose the rest on a hard disk or in the cloud.

As an outcome, numerous tourists battle to discover particular images, needing to search several folders for the image they require. I can’t count the number of times I have actually hunted through folders to discover a picture, just to come up empty-handed.

While discarding images in the cloud is basic, it’s not precisely the very best service. The drawbacks deserve thinking about:

  • Cloud storage needs you to pay more as you include more images. Some cloud strategies have actually restricted storage.
  • Some services have great functions on desktop (Adobe Lightroom), however minimal ones on mobile phones.
  • Some services do not enable syncing in between MacOS, iOS, Android, or Windows platforms.

Mylio permits tourists to prevent all these constraints. It’s the most basic method to arrange, safeguard, and maintain your travel images and videos.

Why Usage Mylio?

With Mylio, tourists turn their mobile phones, computer systems, and storage gadgets into a safe, linked library of images, videos, and other essential files. Tourists can quickly sync their Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS gadgets; include cloud storage; and even support media from Facebook and Instagram.

In a nutshell, here’s what Mylio can do for you:

  • Collect: It brings all images and videos together in a lovely library, consisting of those taken prior to “the iPhone period.”
  • Select: It tidies up your library, gets rid of duplicates in seconds, tags individuals, and includes occasions and locations. Keep just the images you want and needs to maintain.
  • Safeguard: It instantly backs whatever approximately your gadgets. And if you wish to include cloud storage (like Google Drive), Mylio will secure whatever so the information sticks with you and absolutely nothing is shown “Huge Sibling.”
  • Gain Access To: No matter which gadget you deal with, updates are instantly synced to show modifications quickly.

Most notably, images and videos remain on each gadget and are not “kept captive” in the cloud. Mylio diminishes raw images to less than 5% of their initial file size so your phone/tablet/laptop will not get filled– all while maintaining complete modifying abilities if you wish to edit/adjust any images or videos. (The app secures and maintains the originals for when you require them too. It’s all automated without any attention required).

If you do require extra storage beyond your gadgets, you can likewise connect Mylio to the cloud or to a physical hard disk for extra storage.

And due to the fact that Mylio shops whatever on your gadgets, the rate of Mylio does not increase when users include more files or link more gadgets.

Furthermore, you can keep e-books and PDFs in your Mylio account, permitting you to gain access to reading product offline whenever you require it. This is best for those long flights or journeys to locations where Wi-Fi might be undependable.

How Mylio Functions

When you register for an account at, you can download the app onto your gadget( s). Here’s what the control panel appears like:

The Mylio app dashboard on desktop

You can then begin discarding in your images. You simply drag and drop. It’s incredibly uncomplicated:

A screenshot from the Myliophoto app

Here’s a take a look at a handful of images I have actually included up until now. Notification how Mylio instantly organizes them by date:

The Mylio app dashboard on desktop

While you can set up things by folders and albums, the primary calendar view will have whatever set up by date also, so you can see precisely when your images were taken.

You can likewise see precisely where they were taken likewise:

The Mylio app geotag map view on desktop

You can focus to see particular locations within each nation too:

The Mylio app geotag map view on desktop

This is specifically useful if you can’t keep in mind where you were for particular parts of your journey. You can by hand tag any old images that are not instantly included also.

And if you require to modify images prior to you share them, you can do so straight in Mylio:

Editing images in the Mylio app for photos

And considering that all your images are linked, if you modify one on your desktop, it will likewise be modified on your tablet and cell phone. It’s all connected!

And while Mylio is excellent for images, you can likewise include other files, such as scans of your passport, visa files, flight or train tickets, and more, guaranteeing all your crucial travel files are safe and protected and available throughout all gadgets.

Mylio has facial acknowledgment too, so when you have actually tagged individuals a couple of times, this function starts and permits you to arrange and browse images by individual– not simply location or date.

The Mylio app dashboard on desktop

I tagged myself when and it flagged over a hundred images with me in it. If you take a trip with good friends or household frequently, this makes sorting (and finding) images a lot easier, as you can merely key in “mother” or “father,” and all the images tagged with them will turn up.

Who is Mylio For?

Clearly, Mylio is finest for tourists who take a a great deal of images– consisting of travel experts. The security and ease of access functions make it a no-brainer for individuals working throughout several gadgets. It makes sharing on social a breeze too.

Nevertheless, even if you’re simply a typical tourist, Mylio can assist you much better sort, conserve, and arrange your images. The calendar and map-view alternatives make finding and sharing them incredibly simple.

And considering that it’s more affordable than cloud services like Dropbox, you’re getting a lots of worth for even less cash!

In other words, if you take a trip frequently and like taking images, Mylio is an app worth downloading!


It’s never ever been much easier to take incredible images of your journeys, permitting you to catch and conserve unbelievable memories from worldwide.

However it’s likewise never ever been more tiresome to conserve and arrange them securely and safely.

With Mylio, you can not just quickly shop and conserve your images however likewise modify and access them anytime. And utilizing the geotagging and calendar functions, you can quickly wander down memory lane at any time you wish to review a journey.

If you wish to guarantee that your finest travel memories are safe and protected, take a look at Mylio Photos (This is not an affiliate link btw.)

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