Samsung Galaxy S23 issues and how to repair them

It’s still early in the year, however the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra in specific, is making a fantastic case for being among the finest mobile phones of 2023 With outstanding develop quality, an effective processing plan, a smooth software application experience, and a few of the finest phone electronic cameras in the video game, every gadget in the series deserves purchasing. Nevertheless, like any brand-new release, the Galaxy S23 is, sadly, no complete stranger to bugs and problems. While Samsung does an excellent task squashing significant problems with software application updates, a couple of still continue to pester owners. Here’s a take a look at some typical Samsung Galaxy S23 issues and how to repair them!

Issue # 1: Android Automobile issues

android auto dashboard

Adam Birney/ Android Authority

There have actually been a couple of problems from users about Android Automobile not running in their automobiles with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Android Automobile issues prevail with any brand-new gadget, especially when utilizing Android Automobile Wireless, and the concern is mainly triggered due to the fact that of issues throughout the preliminary setup.

Possible options:

  • You may encounter issues utilizing Android Automobile if you have actually utilized Smart Change to establish your brand-new phone. Prior to erasing and re-installing Android Automobile, you can attempt going to Settings > > Apps > > Android Automobile and tap Force Stop Then tap Storage and choose both Clear cache and Clear information Nevertheless, the very best alternative may be to uninstall and re-install the app through the Google Play Shop
  • If you have issues utilizing Android Automobile Wireless with the Galaxy S23, attempt and establish and wired connection initially if possible. Plug the phone in utilizing a cable television and established Android Automobile. After at first establishing a wired connection, Android Automobile Wireless must work as anticipated after that. This is an action that has actually worked for me when I encountered Android Automobile issues.
  • It might be a concern with the settings. The phone needs to immediately spot a car/Android Automobile connection when you plug it in. If it does not, tap the Android System alert in the drop-down panel and guarantee it’s set to Moving files/Android Automobile
  • If you encounter issues like regular disconnections, examine to ensure that the cable television is working effectively and isn’t torn or torn.
  • For problems like a blank screen, Android Automobile not packing, and other software application issues, do not forget to report them to Samsung. Go to the Samsung Members app and go to Get assistance > > Send out feedback > > Mistake reports

Issue # 2: Galaxy S23 Quick charging or quick cordless charging not working

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra charger

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

A typical grievance about the brand-new Galaxy S23 series is relating to quick charging. While the Galaxy S23 includes 25W quick charging, the S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra deal 45W wired charging. These phones do not featured a battery charger in package, so owners may have an issue with slower-than-expected charging when utilizing older battery chargers.

Bear in mind that even with the marketed quick charging, the Galaxy S23 series does not charge almost as quick as a few of the competitors out there from OnePlus and Xiaomi. In Android Authority’s Galaxy S23 Ultra charging test, we discovered that the phone takes 57 minutes to completely charge with a suitable quick battery charger and can take as long as 110 minutes with Samsung’s older 15W battery chargers.

Possible options:

  • Samsung’s quick charging is based upon the USB Power Shipment PPS requirement, so there are lots of third-party battery chargers readily available that you can utilize aside from the authorities Samsung 45W wall battery charger You’ll discover outstanding suitable choices in our roundup of the finest battery chargers you can get for the Galaxy S23
  • A Reddit user has actually likewise discovered that the cable television Samsung consists of in package is a 3A one that just supports 25W charging. They discuss that you will require a various 5A cable television and a suitable 45W battery charger to get the fastest charging speeds on the S23 Plus and Ultra. Take a look at our roundup of the very best charging cable televisions if you require to purchase a brand-new one. The main Samsung 45W battery charger likewise includes the appropriate cable television.
  • Slow charging may just be a Settings concern. Go to Settings > > Battery and gadget care > > Battery > > More battery settings and make sure that Quick charging is made it possible for. If you have a suitable 45W battery charger, this setting will immediately make it possible for Super Quick Charging. For cordless charging, toggle on Quick cordless charging

Issue # 3: Notices disappointing as anticipated

samsung galaxy S23 plus front

Ryan Whitwam/ Android Authority

Some Samsung Galaxy S23 owners are dealing with issues with app alerts disappointing up till they open the app. The concern appears to impact banking apps for some users, while others are seeing the issue with social networks and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Possible options:

  • The phone’s battery optimization settings might trigger alert hold-ups. Go to Settings > > Battery and gadget care > > Battery > > Background use limitations. Make sure that the apps you are having alert issues with aren’t on the Sleeping apps and Deep sleeping apps lists. Then, tap Never ever sleeping apps and tap the plus icon on top right corner. Include the issue apps from the list.
  • If it’s a particular app, Go to Settings > > Apps > > (app name) > > Battery and choose Unrestricted.
  • If the concern continues, you might require to reset the app. Go to Settings > > Apps > > (app name) > > Storage and choose Clear cache and Clear information Cleaning app information will log you out of your account and you might lose your chats if they aren’t supported. You can likewise attempt uninstalling and re-installing the app if absolutely nothing else works.

Issue # 4: S Pen issues

samsung galaxy s23 ultra home screen and s pen

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

Among the greatest selling points of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the S Pen stylus. Nevertheless, several users have actually encountered an issue with the stylus often detaching when utilizing Bluetooth. While a Bluetooth connection isn’t required to utilize the stylus to compose on the phone, it’s required for functions like Air Actions.

Possible options:

  • While Samsung is apparently presenting software application updates to repair the connection issue, users are still dealing with the concern. An easy workaround that works momentarily is to position the stylus in its slot, wait a couple of seconds, and take it out once again to re-establish the connection. Nevertheless, users state that the S Pen detaches as soon as again.
  • Another workaround that appears to work is to make it possible for “Keep S Pen linked.” Go to Settings > > Advanced includes > > S Pen > > More S Pen settings and choose Keep S Pen linked This will keep the stylus linked even when it remains in the slot. This will trigger some battery drain, however.
  • Another alternative is to reset the S Pen. Go to Settings > > Advanced includes > > S Pen, tap on the 3 vertical dots icon on top right corner, and choose Reset S Pen Return to the S Pen page and you will see a message stating the stylus is linking to Air Actions. Await the connection to finish. If it does not after a couple of minutes, you may need to reboot your phone.

Issue # 5: Wi-Fi 6 connection issues on the Galaxy S23

samsung galaxy s23 ultra home screen in hand

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

A couple of users are dealing with Wi-Fi connection problems on their Galaxy S23 gadgets when utilizing Wi-Fi 6 routers. They are seeing a “Linked however no Web” mistake.

Possible options:

  • Samsung understands this issue and is presenting an upgrade to repair it. Some users state that the February upgrade has actually fixed the concern, however some problems stay. This issue needs to be entirely repaired in an approaching software application upgrade.
  • This workaround is from the Galaxy S22, which struggled with regular disconnections when linked to Wi-Fi 6 routers. However it might use in this case also. A router setting might be triggering the concern. The settings may be in a various settings menu depending upon your router, however the setting you wish to disable is called Quick Roaming On a Linksys router, go to the router settings page, choose Personal Privacy, and disable Quick roaming (802.11 r)

Issue # 6: Edge lighting not dealing with the Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Green Front Display

Harley Maranan/ Android Authority

Some users state that Edge lighting isn’t working for all apps on their Galaxy S23 gadgets.

Possible options:

  • Edge lighting may not be made it possible for on your gadget. Go to Settings > > Notices > > Notice pop-up design > > Edge lighting design and make sure that a person of the choices is chosen. In the previous screen, toggle on Program even while screen is off For the apps for which edge lighting is not working, examine that “pop-up alerts” is triggered. Go to Settings > > Notices > > App alerts, tap the app name, and go to Notice classifications Select a classification and toggle on Program as pop-up. On the previous screen, make sure that Pop-up is allowed the Notice types area.

” Typical” issues on the Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Green In Hand Holding

Harley Maranan/ Android Authority

Galaxy S23 Ultra

While the Galaxy S23 deals with issues that are unanticipated and needs workarounds or software application upgrade repairs, some users grumble about problems that are typical and will be on every gadget. Naturally, even anticipated problems should not take place on such costly phones, however the options are quickly available in the Settings menu.

Battery life issues

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series, and the S23 Ultra in specific, provides great battery life. Nevertheless, not everybody enjoys with their battery life experience. There’s plenty you can do to even more improve the battery life of your phone.

  • Go to Settings > > Battery and gadget care > > Battery > > More battery settings > > Efficiency profile and choose Light This setting focuses on battery life and cooling effectiveness over processing speed. A lot of users state that they do not observe much of a distinction in daily efficiency after changing to this profile.
  • You can likewise make modifications to other settings on your phone, however these might impact the smooth experience you take pleasure in on the phone. On the Galaxy S23 Ultra, go to Settings > > Show > > Screen resolution and change the resolution from WQHD+ to FHD+. On all S23 gadgets, go to Settings > > Show > > Movement smoothness and choose Requirement This will lower the refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz, which will make a visible distinction in how scrolling feels. In the Show settings, you can likewise change the gadget to Dark mode. Another Show setting to toggle off is Bonus brightness While this is a helpful function to have while outdoors, it will trigger more battery drain.
  • The phone’s always-on display screen might likewise trigger battery drain. Go to Settings > > Lock screen > > Always-on Show You can toggle it off. However Samsung in fact provides a couple of useful choices. You can alter the setting to Program for brand-new alerts, or tap Program as arranged to establish a schedule for when the AOD will be active.
  • You can conserve some battery while linked to a Wi-Fi network also. Go to Settings > > Links > > Wi-Fi and tap on the Wi-Fi name. Tap the 3 vertical dots icon on top right corner and go to Smart Wi-Fi. Scroll down and make it possible for Wi-Fi power-saving mode.
  • The last setting you must think about allowing isn’t for instant battery life however assists make sure durability. Go to Settings > > Battery and gadget care > > Battery > > More battery settings and toggle on Secure battery This setting will make sure that your phone just credits 85%.
  • Another helpful method to make sure durability and an excellent video gaming experience is to utilize the Galaxy S23’s bypass charging function

The finger print scanner not working due to the fact that of a tempered glass screen protector

This is a regrettable issue that is in fact “typical” due to the fact that the under-display finger print scanner of the Galaxy S23 does not play well with tempered glass screen protectors. It’s much better to get a TPU movie screen protector for the Galaxy S23, however there are some tempered glass choices that deal with the finger print scanner after tweaking a phone setting. Go to Settings > > Show and make it possible for Touch level of sensitivity You might likewise wish to include your finger prints once again after using the screen protector.

Rattling sound when shaking the phone

You may hear a small rattling sound while shaking the phone focused around the video camera. That rattling is due to the fact that of the phone’s optical image stabilization parts moving when you shake it. It’s entirely typical and something you’ll discover on every mobile phone that has OIS.

Guides: How to factory reset, boot into Safe Mode, clean cache partition on Galaxy S23

samsung galaxy s23 home screen

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

Note: To get in the healing menu to factory reset the phone or to clean the cache partition, you should plug your Galaxy S23 series phone in. You can link the phone to your PC, however some users have actually likewise discovered success by plugging in USB-C earphones into the port. Likewise, remember that it may take a couple of efforts to enter the healing menu as the timing of pushing the buttons can be challenging to solve.

Factory reset Galaxy S23

  • To factory reset the Galaxy S23, very first turn the phone off.
  • Press and hold the volume up and power buttons and launch them when the Android logo design appears.
  • Utilize the volume down button to browse this menu. Move down to Clean data/factory reset
  • Press the power button to choose the highlighted alternative. Lastly, utilize the volume button to select Yes– erase all user information Utilize the power button once again to verify your choice.
  • Tap the power button to choose Reboot system now

Boot Galaxy S23 into Safe Mode

  • Turn the phone off.
  • Press and hold the power button till the phone’s design name and number appear on the screen.
  • Once the Samsung logo design appears, launch the power button and press and hold the volume down button. Hold the volume down button till the phone completely reboots.
  • You will see Safe Mode at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Clean cache partition on Galaxy S23

  • Turn the phone off.
  • Press and hold the volume up and power buttons and launch them when the Android logo design appears.
  • Utilize the volume down button to go to the Clean cache partition setting and press the power button to verify your choice.
  • Press the volume button to choose Yes, and push the power button to verify.
  • Reboot the gadget as soon as you see Reboot system now

What Galaxy S23 issues have you experienced? Make sure to let us understand in the remarks listed below. We’ll do our finest to assist.

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